The ArrowBio treatment for unsorted Municipal Solid Waste
Executive Summary
The growing amount of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is one of the biggest ecological problems of our planet. Landfills, that are the most popular solution, are obsolete. They are polluting well water, demanding unrestricted land resources, creating smell nuisance, and having a growing part of the Global Climate Change. New methods are being tried in order to solve this huge problem: Incinerators, biological treatments, recycling by manual sorting and more. All solutions are expensive and have partial successes or even less.
The ArrowBio process is a unique technology (Patent pending) that succeeds to treat MSW, to recover materials from the waste and to produce Biogas, that is an alternative, clean and “green” energy for transportation and power-plants. The process was tested in the last 5 years in laboratory and field tests at the semi-industrial plant near Hadera, Israel. It was approved, by scientists from Israel, the U.S and others, as more effective and economically better than all existing methods.
The global income from treating MSW is huge. A city like New York spends more than $350M annually, on the after collection treatment. The ArrowBio’s biogas potential income, from this amount of MSW, is about the same, and recovered materials income should be added.
The Company
Arrow Ecology Ltd.(since 1991), originally Hydro Power Ltd. (1975) specializes in project management of environmental programs:
  • Bio-Technological & Physico-Chemical treatment of Wastewater and Sludge.
  • Hydro-Mechanical systems.
  • Environmental consulting/ planning/ laboratory services and more.
Major clients: Israeli Oil Refineries, Ministry of the Environment, Israeli Electrical Co., Delek Oil Co. and more.
The ArrowBio Process
The ArrowBio process is an integrated solution that receives unsorted Municipal Solid Waste as an input. The process sorts, cleans and separates the recoverable materials and, through hydro-mechanical and unique optimized bio-technological techniques, produces Biogas (Methane-natural gas & CO2), fertilizer and water.
Main Advantages:
  • Producing Biogas that is “green energy”, used for power plants and municipal transportation with much less pollution (Not a fossil fuel).
  • Recovering of materials (metals, plastics, glass and more).
  • Lowering the effect of Global Climate Change that is caused by the Methane from Landfills.
  • No Odor nuisance or other air, water and ground pollutions.
  • No need for pre-sorting.
  • Producing stabilized compost (fertilizer) and water in high standards.
  • The residue is about 3% only and it is inert.
  • Lower costs than the other new methods.